(New York City) Caitlyn Jenner, star of the hit reality show “Keep Up With The Kardasians” recently commented about New York pop artist Marko Stout in a video posted while traveling to her Sak’s Fifth Avenue show during New York City’s 2018 Fall Fashion Week. In the congratulatory video Caitlyn says, “I’m very excited for Marko Stout’s upcoming solo exhibition at New York’s Caelum Gallery”.

Other celebrities also sending video congratulations to the artist include: Jai Rodriquez’s “Queer Eye for The Straight Guy” who is also a big fan of the artist, as is Lance Bass of NSYNC fame. The pussycat Doll’s Kaya Jones say’s “Marko Stout is amazing! And totally crushing it!” Full videos of the artist’s celebrity friends talking about Marko Stout’s upcoming exhibition are posted on YouTube and the artist’s website at MarkoStout.com.

Marko Stout is a popular New York artist known for his industrial pop style and cult like admiration among Millennials and younger art fans. Stout enjoys a huge social media following and his fanatical fans turn up in the thousands for the artist’s exhibitions. The mainstream artworld has now also taking notice of Stout’s fame and the artist is having his third New York City solo exhibition of the year this fall at the city’s famed Cealum Gallery. Brad Miller, a prominent New York gallery owner said, “I’ve not seen this kind of enthusiasm about a New York artist since Andy Warhol… and yes, I’m old enough to remember”.

Marko Stout’s latest solo exhibition “Erotic Allure, Candyland of Color!” opens at Caelum Gallery on 10/19/18. Caelum Gallery is located in the heart of New York’s Chelsea art district at: 526 West 26th Street, #315, New York, NY 10001.

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