Sacramento, California – Strategist and mentor Kelly Resendez has released her new bestseller, Big Voices: An Invitation to Women to Awaken, Increase Joy, Reduce Suffering, and Think Differently, to help women identify their limiting beliefs, unlock their hidden potential, and write a new story.

She has spent over 15 years learning about self-growth and personal development from the world’s most renowned teachers. Empowering hundreds of women through her public speaking, she has now authored Big Voices to spread her knowledge and resources to a larger demographic.

Big Voices invites women to step out of their comfort zone, realize their self-worth and accomplish extraordinary things. According to the author, women often self-sabotage themselves because they have limited energy and feel overwhelmed. To empower her readers, she shares the strategies and tools she has used in her extensive personal and professional journey to find success. By helping readers identify their ‘Little Voice’, she helps them discover and embrace their ‘Big Voice’.

Kelly Resendez is a renowned speaker and writer in the mortgage and real estate industry. Her first book, Foundation to Sustainable Success, has impacted many people in that industry. She has created a highly successful career as a mortgage executive, while also prioritizing her children and physical health. Other than being a mentor to hundreds of women, she currently holds the position of Executive Vice President at Paramount Partners Group. She utilizes the same values and resources that she teaches, in order to find true success and meaning in her professional and personal life.

A testament to her passion towards women’s empowerment, Kelly is also the founder of Big Voices. The organization provides empowering resources to women. The website, includes weekly wisdom, tools and exercises to help minimize self-suffering and increase joy. The organization also offers strategic partnerships to other organizations and non-profits also working towards empowering women.

Kelly Resendez is available for interviews.

Big Voices: An Invitation to Women to Awaken, Increase Joy, Reduce Suffering, and Think Differently is now available on
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