(Mass Media Release) KRAA Security‘s CEO Gary Bahadur to Discuss Social Media Security in Corporate Environments and ways to Reduce Risk and Reputation Damage at the Hacker Halted Security Conference in Miami FL October 14th 2010

Miami, FL, October 12, 2010 — This month, Mr. Bahadur will discuss the risks surrounding corporate use of Social Media at the Hacker Halted Conference 2010. How do companies protect themselves from inappropriate Social Media usage by employees, either through malicious intent or simple mistakes? What processes should be put in place to provide structured methods for dealing with social media securely, for educating employees and for monitoring and maintaining a positive social media presence?

What new security challenges will be posed by Social Media utilization in the workplace?

Corporations and professionals will face challenges in monitoring the online conversations for mentions of their products, brands, services, customer service, key employees, for identifying trademark infringements and copyright violations, and for understanding trends in their industry and the competitive landscape. Companies will additionally face challenges in determining the influence of people, as well as the impact of their mentions and threats they face from social media sources. Further challenges associated with social media include:
• Creating appropriate strategies to deal with numerous inherent risks
• Allocating resources for planning, maintenance, and corrective action
• Developing enterprise-wide social media policies
• Establishing and implementing business processes to address social media activity related to PR, recruitment, customer service and product development
• Hiring, training, and developing community managers from within the company
• Determining metrics and performance measurements related to various objectives for social media, including risk mitigation tactics

Corporate staff such as Directors of Human Resources, Marketing, Sales and other Executives need assistance in developing and implementing a security strategy for Social Media usage and reputation management. Employees need guidance into what is appropriate in how they utilize and leverage social media in the workplace as well as show how social media can hurt them if they use it inappropriately and methods in which it can affect their company.

The 2010 Hacker Halted USA Conference in Miami speaking engagement will provide attendees a structured approach to Secure Social Media policies and processes. The conference will be held at the InterContinental Hotel, Miami October 13-15, and Mr. Bahadur will speak on October 14.

About KRAA Security
KRAA Security (www.kraasecurity.com) was founded in 2007 to address the security needs of companies in all industries through a combination of Managed Security Services and Consulting Services. KRAA Security‘s risk assessment services protect organizations from threats through a combination of preventative measures in Social Media Policy, Application Security, Network Security, Operating System Security and Compliance. Their team provides a defense-in-depth strategy to address all security needs and risk compliance needs. Their Managed Security Services provides User Defense, System Defense, Intrusion Defense, Vulnerability Defense and Email Defense on a 24/7 basis.

KRAA Security is Mr. Bahadur‘s third technology company. He was the cofounder and CIO of Foundstone Inc, a $20M security vulnerability risk management firm with offices in the United States, Singapore and India and was Foundstone was sold to McAfee in 2004. Prior to KRAA Security, Mr. Bahadur was the President and cofounder of Ether2 Corporation and Senior Vice President at Bank of America.

For more information about the Hacker Halted Conference visit www.hackerhalted.com.

Jasmine Jones
KRAA Security
[email protected]

Website: http://www.kraasecurity.com

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