24, July 2017: Kuntai Machinery is a company based in China that is committed to the industrial sector and strives to offer their products and services to the international and national clientele. They are an industrial scatter laminating machines and cutting machinery manufacturer and also offer their after sales services to the customers with a wide stock of spare parts and circuitry. Kuntai Machinery is not only a manufacturer but also an innovator in this sector. The group has employed a team of engineers and technicians who are instructed to continuously come up with innovative ideas for future projects and also to make amendments in the existing products. Their state of the art manufacturing unit is loaded with CNC machines, lathe machines, drilling machines, polishing machines and raw material processing machines. This makes the company capable of churning out machine parts and complete setups as per the requirements of the customer and order.

The company policy is formulated in such a way that one can categorize them as a customer focused organization. They cater to the major players of the industrial world such as the leather industry, footwear industry, automotive interiors industry, packaging industry etc. Kuntai Machinery is well known for their high-end and advanced machinery and after sales service. They have also made a name for themselves to provide their customers with customized solutions that cater to that particular organization. Their product range mainly consists of carbon powder laminating machines, bronzing machines etc. The company is honored with the highest standard certificates such as the ISO 9001, CE etc. This ensures that the products from Kuntai Machinery are reliable and durable and their production unit meets all the quality standards of the modern industrial needs. The company is capable of delivering huge bulk orders and the senior engineers in the R&D department are always one step ahead of the competitors by coming up with innovative machinery.

Kuntai Machinery has a strong network of retailers and shipping routes that proves to be a huge boost in the sales and quality of service for their fiber PTFE laminating machines to the international clientele. The sales department has a dedicated team of officials and executives that are fluent in English which is an advantageous feature of the management. The group offers free installation of the machines and training for operating the same on site. Video tutorials, demonstrations and safety measures for the safe operation of the machinery are a complimentary service that the company provides to its customers. Interested customers and prospective buyers can contact the company on their 24-hour helpline. The after sales service policy of the company includes the clause that the same will provide onsite service to the clients during the life span of the machines.

About Kuntai Machinery:

Kuntai Machinery is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial cutting and laminating machines. Interested individuals are requested to visit their official website for further details.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Job.Lu
Company: Kuntai Machinery
Phone: +86 18261228899
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.kuntai-group.com

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