Keeping the bottom half of a drink as cold as the top half has been a problem for years.  Traditional Koozie’s don’t keep drinks cold for 12 hours like the Coldest Coozie.  Created with a special space for a cooling core, the Coozie Cube works with the Coldest Coozie to keep beverages cold for over 12 hours.

The Coldest Coozie

A hand-held ice cooler for any beverage, the Coldest Coozie is made from stainless steel and functions similarly to an ice cooler.  Using ice and ice water to lower and maintain the temperature of any drink, the Coldest Coozie’s two layers of stainless steel is vacuum sealed to achieve outstanding ice retention and will keep ice intact for over 12 hours.

The Coozie Cube

The secret to lowering and maintaining the temperature of any drink, the Coozie Cube is a large solid ice cube that fits perfectly at the bottom of any 12-ounce beverage can.  The direct contact of the Coozie Cu be with the bottom surface area of the beverage can allows maximum conduction.  As a result, the temperature of the beverage inside the container is lowered and maintained.

The Coozie Cube Ice Tray

Made of Silicone, the Coozie Cube Ice Tray makes the Coozie Cubes easier to remove.  Simply freeze water in the Coozie Cube Ice Tray, remove when frozen, and place in the bottom of the Coldest Coozie to keep beverages ice cold for hours.  The special ice chamber located at the bottom of the Coldest Coozie is designed to hold one Coozie Cube.  These cubes feature a special grove that secures any 12-ounce can firmly inside the Coldest Coozie.

The simplicity of the Coldest Coozie along with the ability to keep beverages ice cold for hours is what makes the Coldest Coozie unique among all other Koozies.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from $2 to $240 or more, with rewards including everything from membership into the Coolest Coldest Coozie Club to a Family, Friends, and Neighbors Coldest Coozie Tumbler and Ice Tray set of 24.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About the Coldest Coozie:  Solving the problem of beverages becoming warm after a few minutes, the Coldest Coozie keeps any 12-ounce beverage ice cold for hours.

Contact Person: Larry Shew
Company: Larry N. Shew
Address: 8784 Arlington Street, White Lake, MI - US
Phone: (248) 496-9906
Email: [email protected]

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