Las Vegas marijuana cannabis businesses are rooting their ground and many new popping up all over the las vegas valley getting ready for the new law to take effect making secured digital services like business voice, secured encrypted emails and even hosted ip cam monitoring systems in high demand.

Clark County set high and very strict set of rules for marijuana dispensaries, the newest legal vice in this capital of vice, will also be kept separate, even when the state gets its system of recreational dispensaries set up. The zoning rules for Clark County don’t allow dispensaries anywhere near a casino. Clark County has at least a dozen dispensaries parallel to the Strip, but they’re at least several blocks away and nowhere in sight. In addition, the Nevada Gaming Control Board does not allow investors in the casino industry to invest in dispensaries, and vice versa this includes all lines of communication must be encrypted to protect business sensitive data.

These type of businesses need a higher grade level of hosting, putting companies like NocRoom Voice & Data to work with offering medical grade Hosted PBX w/Voip Phone System and encrypted emails with full turn-key solutions for its clients including off-premises hosting for surveillance system and file sharing between locations of client businesses.

How does NocRoom do this ?

NocRoom uses the latest technology offering for IP-based network helping our customers like for example the medical billing company BillNet Solutions to process more than 5000+ calls, 7000 emails and file sharing 1TB of data per day between its two locations. This customer rely on the latest technology for security and to keep all their locations acting as one single office – with over 100 employees this can be a challenge. All data from hosted PBX, emails and file sharing are encrypted in and out of the office network. With the new IP-based networks like hosted PBX, emails and open source software – all working smoothly together.

Who is NocRoom?
Founded in 2006, NocROOM is located at one of the largest internet exchange points in the world, facilitating excellent inter-connectivity with Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. NocRoom is a global provider of optimized network solutions that offer the best possible performance, reliability and availability. Our advanced, IP-based networks deliver data, voice and content to clients and partners world-wide. Offerings include colocation, transit, transport, VoIP and network-based services.

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