Lasercare Eye Center has announced that they have added a ZEISS VisuMax® laser machine to their office and have begun offering ReLex SMILE minimally-invasive laser vision correction to their expansive list of services. This laser in combination with the ReLex SMILE procedure will help patients that suffer with Myopia, and is the first to utilize this technology in the Dallas Metroplex.

The ReLEx SMILE procedure was developed by ZEISS and utilizes the femtosecond laser they have also designed known as the VisuMax. The ZEISS VisuMax laser and ReLEx SMILE procedure are on the cutting edge of laser eye correction. It is a proven treatment procedure for nearsightedness, that has been recently FDA approved. Lasercare Eye Center is proud to be able to offer the most advanced technology available to correct Myopia with a minimally invasive procedure.

Myopia, or nearsightedness affects an estimated 33% of the population, and is a refractive error that will make objects far away appear blurry. It is currently unknown why myopia occurs, but it is caused by the eyeball elongating. The ReLEx SMILE procedure uses the laser to create a contact shaped layer just under the surface of eye. Then a small layer will be removed by the eye surgeon, thus correcting the Myopia.


Founded in 2000, Lasercare Eye Center’s founder Sidney Gicheru MD has been committed to helping patients with many types of eye conditions. Lasercare Eye Center offers treatments including:

Refractive Cataract Surgery
Lasik Cataract Surgery
Lens Implants
iDesign Custom LASIK

Lasercare Eye Center’s primary focus is to provide great individualized service at affordable prices. They offer great financing options for those who wish to permanently correct their vision with the use of surgery. The Dallas Fort Worth practice has been the first or one of the first to offer several cutting edge vision procedures including:

ReSTOR 3.0 and 2.5 Multifocal Lens Implants
True Laser Cataract Surgery
SMILE Vision Correction

In addition to their surgical procedures, Lasercare Eye Center also performs comprehensive eye exams and correction treatments with eyeglasses and contact lenses.

For more information on the Lasercare Eye Center visit their website at or contact Devin McHatten at (214) 574-9600.

Devin McHatten
Company: Lasercare Eye Center
Phone: (214) 574-9600
Address: 440 W Interstate 635 #300, Irving, TX 75063

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