Two of the biggest law firms in Singapore and Malaysia are combining together with one another, all in an effort to launch financial technology legal and consulting services — and it is making waves throughout the Southeast Asian economy already.

The Singapore-based Allen & Gledhill and Malaysian based Rahmat Lim & Partners are combining forces with one another to establish brand-new financial technology services for companies, entrepreneurs, and investors in both of these countries.

The new combination firm is designed to assist people and operations with the help they need to deal with financial regulatory issues, technology and intellectual property matters, as well as a whole host of business consulting issues and needs that may arise on a case-by-case basis.

These two firms have always been regarded as two of the most successful and prestigious law firms in Southeast Asia, and the combination of these operations definitely has been noticed by businesses throughout the area — large as well as small.

Financial Technology law firms are popping up all over the world

More and more legal offices are getting serious about diving headfirst into the world of financial technology, understanding that this is where the next big boom as far as the economy is going to come from and wanting to make sure that they are able to get in on the ground floor while the opportunity still exists.

Legal offices in the United Kingdom, the US, and around the rest of the world have been dedicating a considerable amount of resources to this kind of law, making sure that their clients are able to establish the businesses they have always dreamed of smartly, correctly, and in full compliance with all rules and regulations.

This kind of compliance often present a bit of a challenge to those that aren’t deep down in the world of financial technology law on a day to day basis, as these rules and regulations are known to shift and change almost on a in businesses need to remain ever vigilant about how these kinds of changes may impact their day to day operation as well as how they hope to grow in the future.

Southeast Asia will be well supported by these operations

Businesses, boards, investors, executives, and entrepreneurs of every size are going to be very, very excited about the news of this new initiative by these two major law firms.

As we highlighted above, both of these companies are very well respected in the legal world and both of them have prestigious background that give them a lot of influence in Southeast Asia.

They already understand the “lay of the land”, they have already been working with business owners and entrepreneurs for years now, and they have been elbow deep in the financial technology law right from day one — providing you with incredible insight, expert knowledge, and the kind of resources you need to navigate this often rocky landscape.

The activities of these law firms will definitely be closely monitored by those in Singapore, Malaysia, and the rest of the world for sure!

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