Portland OR- The Hypnosis of Portland Center, located in South West Portland, announces a new ongoing event "The Law of Attraction - The Missing Evidence" course, starting Jan 13, 2018, every 4th Saturday. This class will allow students to learn and put into practice some very sophisticated teachings of the Law of Attraction, which are also part of the Law of Attraction coaching services provided at the Center.

The owner of Hypnosis of Portland, says " that due to negative programming, people have forgotten how important is the realization of their dreams, and most of them, just give up!

Throught these these courses students will be able to feel motivated again and learn the correct way how to manifest their dreams and, at a record time!"

Since people's goals can be different, through this events, everyone can learn and become an expert on how to effectively and fast, achieve success, more prosperity, loving relationships, an ideal career, even excellent health/fitness, using powerful tools and techniques, scientifically proven to work.

In a nutshell, this course sounds like a Manual, with Step by Step Instructions to Become a Master of Universeal Laws in order to create the life one desires, attractingt unexpected solutions to most pressing issues, in only few weeks!
The best part: The teachings introduced will be validated with plenty of scientific facts! However, the teachings will be shown in an elementary and linear method.

Classes will start at 4:00 pm and last about 2 hours, however more details about the exact day will be given by contacting the information at the bottom of this page.

This class has a value of $140 but for this time, the price is only $35.

The Hypnosis of Portland Center, has been engaged in hypnotherapy practice for over 16 years, providing different kinds of self-development and wellness classes, as well as Energy Psychology and Medicine, NLP, & Medical Intuition Healing services, as holistic proven methods to health and well being. The Center's mission is to continuously be able to offer top hypnosis services, as well increment the Medical Intuition programs, based on increased requests.

More About Hypnosis of Portland's Law of Attraction course program
The owner of Hypnosis of Portlant, adds, that these law of attraction hypnosis classes, contrary to most of simlilar programs, offered on this subject, will consistently validate the teachings, by plenty of scientific facts and demonstrations.

The courses will also teach basic hypnosis techniques, showing students about the different important roles of the subconscious mind in mastering the law of attraction and what hypnosis has in common with this law, to provide students, with additional powerful, practical tools to be used in daily life challenges.

This course has already been offered in the past, receiving a large number of 5 stars reviews by participants, which can be viewed on the provided website link below.

About Hypnosis of Portland
Hypnosis of Portland was founded in 1999 in Santa Barbara CA, under the original name 'A Happier You Hypnosis Company', it is presently located in Portland, Oregon .

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Annalena G. Cavallo, Owner/Founder
Portland OR, 97223
Email: [email protected]