24, April 2017:Skalptec is possibly the most recommended clinic for scalp micropigmentation in UK. Skalptec is known to deliver superior quality scalp micropigmentation procedures to UK clients. The clinic specializes on hair tattoo, hair transplant scar camouflage and all other related procedures. In terms hair loss solutions, scalp micro pigmentation is easily the world’s leading growing solution.

On that note, Skalptec is one UK’s leading SMP clinic that provides clients with advance modern SMP techniques. Skalptec takes pride in providing clients with quality service and safe procedures that will bring effective solutions to their hair loss problems. Skalptec’s SMP techniques are safe and effective in resolving hair loss problems, both for men and women. Their SMP techniques require no drugs, donor hair, concealers, lotions or shampoos. The clinic claims that their scalp micropigmentation is the only hair loss solution that is guaranteed to work 100%.

Skalptec’s services also include SMP for scars, SMP for alopecia, SMP for women, SMP for longer hair and Repairing Bad Work for clients’ who experienced bad SMP solutions. The clinic’s scalp micropigmentation concept is fairly straightforward. What their scalp technicians do is to place small pigment deposits inside the scalp’s upper dermis. With this, the client can have the look of having shaved hair follicles. Combining thousands of small pigment deposits, the client appears to have a full head of shaved hair. This way, instead of them looking balding, they can simply have a look of shaving their hair by choice.

For those that have used countless drugs, lotion, shampoos and other solutions claiming to help hair loss, Skalptec provides the most effective solution in the form of scalp micropigmentation. It is the safest and relatively pain-free solution that brings real results. Apart from scalp micropigmentation, Skalptec also has different procedures targeted for specific hair loss problems, for women and men struggling with losing their hair.

The scalp micropigmentation procedure of Skalptec is painful and not at all complicated. The pigments are usually applied to the scalp more than 3 sessions. Every session takes about 3 hours and 5 to 7 days are needed before the next sessions to let the scalp heal. Applied by Skalptec’s most talented micropigmentation technicians, the client can benefit from an illusion of shaved hair that looks so real. The treatment is so effective that Skalptec’s clients consider the clinic the best all-around scalp micropigmentation service in the UK.

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