Get Nugg is a website where it is possible to order marijuana delivery from your favorite local dispensaries. Marijuana includes dry flowers, leaves, stems and cannabis seeds. These parts of the plant contain psychoactive substances that cause a state of intoxication or euphoria. But these substances can also be used for medical purposes.

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is possible with various diseases and conditions. People successfully used marijuana to treat pain in the XIX century, as it has a significant analgesic effect. Studies have shown that cannabinoids affect the mechanisms of the onset of pain. According to other data, cannabinoids in combination with opioids provide a more significant pain relief when using smaller doses. Moreover, patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis and patients with severe pain syndrome noted that marijuana relieves pain and minimizes the use of drugs or completely dispenses with them, which significantly reduces side effects. In fact, one of the main components of marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol, is also effective for cancer pain, like codeine, an opium alkaloid, the main analgesic in oncology. The American society of neurologists has come to the conclusion that cannabinoids directly affect painful impulses in the nervous system. This discovery can lead to the creation of a new class of painkillers.

Researchers from the Institute of Medicine in Washington believe that cannabinoids can be taken for pain in the following cases: patients who receive chemotherapy in the postoperative period in conjunction with opioids to reduce nausea and vomiting in patients with spinal cord injury, peripheral neuropathic pain and posttraumatic mixed pain in patients with chronic neuropathic pain and insomnia in HIV-infected patients with neuropathic pain, and in other cases, with the pronounced pain syndrome.

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