What seemed to be a passing fad in 2016, is in fact, not one at all. LED Shoes (aka light up shoes), at first blush, would be a dream for toddlers. But don’t kid yourself. Light up shoes have grown in popularity and seemingly have found their own groove. This collection of cool has lit its way into the hearts and onto the feet of a specific but varied culture, music lovers. This demographic of both young men and women has taken a potential fad and turned it into a dancing boon.

More often than not, LED shoes will be the style in most places of dance (i.e. clubs). It's now the younger generation's fashion statement and what a fashion it is becoming. Now you aren’t only seeing clubbers, ravers, techno-dancers sporting LEDs, but concert goers and even those on stage are wearing light-up shoes, adding to the growing popularity.

But what is it about these popular 90’s trend that makes them so popular today? Well given the nature of today’s young adult, bright, exciting, not-the-norm is actually the norm. Social media plays a large part in this movement of LED shoes. From Twitter to Instagram to Facebook and even YouTube, watching and posting interesting and crazy content is the rage. The colorful look of the LED shoe falls right in line with this. It speaks to the bold fashion sense of today’s kid. The desire to be noticed and stand out. It is, without doubt, the perfect compliment to this generation.

Technology has come a long way since LEDs first hit (then left) the market in the 90’s. Their comfort level is top-notch. They come in many different forms, from high tops to low tops to slip-on loafers. They come in an amazing selection of colors, some bright and vivid, some subdued to allow the LEDs a voice. By that, the LEDs speak in eye-popping color and adjusting this is quite simple. Most light up shoes offer the choice of changing color. They also offer the choice of how you wish the LED to shine. The LED can remain one constant color, it can change colors as you walk or dance, it can give you the strobe effect.

Not only are these shoes much better made and designed, they incorporate today’s technology. Gone are the days when light up shoes were not known to be the safest of shoes. No, today’s LEDs have been designed for the youth of today, using the one thing they rely on most. A phone charger. Yes, these light ups are charged by USB, just like you would a cell phone. A full charge will last anywhere from 6-8 hours, plenty of time to get your groove on.

Today’s clubbing youth aren’t the only ones the LED shoes market is going after. Lightingshoes.net is a great company that produces a wonderful shoe. And their selections run the gambit, from little kids/toddlers through kids, men and women. Light up shoes designs are amazing and one major difference between the 90’s version of the shoe versus what is being produced today, the LEDs no longer reside entirely in the heel, but they now surround the shoe. What was once yesterday’s fad now seems to be here to stay.

Dan Rusu
Company Name: Lighting Shoes
Address: 1500 Main Ave 2nd FL Clifton NJ 07011.
Phone: (657) 444-7917
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website: http://www.lightingshoes.net

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