UTM Inc., a tech-company established barely a year ago, has developed an innovative product FLiFLi AIR (LifeBattery) which now available on Indiegogo. The AC Powerbank LifeBattery AIR, developed exclusively for Macbook users, as well as Apple users and Indiegogo users, lives up to it name as it helps these users extend the lives of their devices.

On the idea that birthed this 'life saving' product, FLiFLi AIR, David Lee, the CEO of UTM Inc, says that "there are billions of Apple users all around the world, and we are just few of them. We carry Apple devices everywhere and they frequently ask us to feed them. But you are not always next to the wall socket. You can just take this with your lunch bag and have lunch with your Apple. Or feed them in your bag with it." David also stressed that "the product development idea was strongly inspired by Apple devices which are known to be sleek, and having elegant curves along the edges.”

The LifeBattery functionality and aesthetics were designed to be fully compatible with Apple devices such as the Macbook. The sleek and elegant curves along the edges, just like the Macbook, makes the product ergonomically friendly and easy to hold.

The Apples’ companion which is very portable comes in four beautiful color variants just like the Macbook design; Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and Space Gray. It fits perfectly with the Macbook in both design and color, giving the device a complementary aesthetic. What further sets the LifeBattery AIR apart from other AC power banks is its easy and stable magnetic charging input connection similar to Magsafe by Apple. This feature affords the user the convenience to cling their charger and prevents port from damage.

Pure Sine Wave (PWS) technology was deployed to manufacture the FLiFLi AIR, making it capable of naturally producing clean electricity to Apple devices without forcing over Apple’s technological limit automatically. Apple products, especially Macbooks and iPhones, need this sensitive and exquisite electronic wave flows for them to charge perfectly and not to cause any damage to the devices. So the LifeBattery is the first choice when considering the safety and proper functionality of Apple devices with regards to power bank.

LifeBattery is designed to support the busy life of its users, it takes 4 hours or less to fully charge. Its multiple charging ports will enables it charge two Macbooks and an iPhone (or iPad) in full power simultaneously. The product also has a Pass-Through Charging feature which allows users to charge their Apples or any device with LifeBattery while the battery itself is charging.

Other distinguishing features of the FLiFLi AIR are its portable size; Touch Sense which can be used to check the battery level by touching the sensor and four pure white LED Lights will display the remaining battery level; Automatic Power Control which is used to turn off the LifeBattery by pulling out the cable; and Safety Protection for Over Voltage, Over Charge, Over Discharge, Over Current, and Short Protection.

FLiFLi AIR (LifeBattery) is available on Indiegogo via this link: https://igg.me/at/lifebatteryair and a demonstration of the product is also available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/366V8u3Nm78

David Lee
UTM Inc., Palisades Park, New Jersey
Phone: 201-390-3207
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: https://new.myflifli.com

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