For over a decade now, John Chappelear and Changing The Focus have helped countless people and organizations make positive changes in their lives. He is in incredibly high demand, so high in fact he is increasing the number of on-line hours a week he will be accepting and working with clients.

“The number one thing I have seen is people need a safe place to share concerns, build trust and accomplish great things,” said Chappelear, “but the constant changes of how, when and where people work has resulted in my decision to expand my client base.”

Chappelear’s method is to start where the client happens to be at the time and help them commit to their goals. He likes to start each new client and session with a personalized assessment.

“The assessment helps me identify your values, motivators and determine if these are a positive or negative influence in your life during the client’s most stressful times,”said Chappelear.

Chappelear comes from a solid background of executive experience. He has over 30 years of experience as a CEO, with five different companies plus managing his own life. He also has five years of training and certifications before embarking on his path as a coach and consultant.

Solution and Action Focus

Chappelear starts everything he does with his book, The Daily Six. From here, he helps to keep the client focused and accountable for their actions. His advice is solid, although determined by the decisions of the client.

“I believe you only have one integrated life and it must be balanced for true success,” continued Chappelear.

Chappelear’s approach to the whole helps the individual client with a trust that develops deeply and quickly. The client realizes their latent talents rise to the surface and are amazed at how swiftly it happens. This yields a transformational change through specific, self-inspired steps that lead to fundamental shifts in attitude, behavior and habit formation.

“My clients feel refreshed and invigorated afterwards,” said Chappelear.

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