Directed by Dr. Brian Beckham, PhD, CADC, LCAC and Drug & Alcohol Counselor, Life Management Clinic is a Louisville, KY Non-Profit 501(c)(3) counseling center and addiction treatment center. Life Management Clinic was founded in response to the need for counseling services in the greater Louisville area. The agency is a charitable organization which continues to help youth, families, couples, and individuals who seek a brighter future. Our professional staff helps them handle the depression, frustration, anger, sadness and despair that they cannot handle alone.

Mr. Zanadu will come on as top tier PR specialist to upgrade 3rd party third party cooperations with other institutions in Europe with the affiliated “American Institute of clinical Psychotherapists”. In conjunction with Mr. Zanadu’s vast network, they will launch a program in Spiritual psychotherapy, involving marketing and public relations strategies led by Mr. Zanadu. Additionally, Mr. Zanadu will assist with the rebranding for the clinic with its external experts, build endorsements for doctors (includes memberships and media coverages). The current and future associated doctors will able to get also recognitions and certification from the “European Academy of Natural Sciences”, through Mr. Zanadu’s nominations and structural advice on professional portfolio management. Furthermore, Mr. Zanadu will lead other PR related projects slated for upcoming years.

Mr. Zanadu bring an extraordinary international public relations background to the clinic. Amongst his extraordinary achievements, he has been nominated by U.S. retired Colonel Dr. Ray Striler for the Presidential Call to Service award (lifetime achievement). Very few foreign citizens can receive this award unless they prove that you have volunteered 4,000 hours promote causes important to the United States, such as democracy.Mr. Zanadu was a recipient due to his extraordinary ability to promote the U.S culture abroad.

Life management clinic Address: 116 Bauer Avenue 2nd Floor, Louisville, KY, 40207

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