“Combine your work and travel experience into one with a trip to the most exotic, beautiful places in the world with LiliWork. Escape sitting in an office from 9 to 5 every day and expand your work career to the road, all while you explore the world’s most luxurious destinations without breaking the bank.”

10 January 2020 – LiliWork, a company blending work and travel worldwide for the digital nomad, is offering career-driven programs to individuals who are looking to boost their job experiences and see the world through travel while gaining new perspectives and inspiration.

By sponsoring programs for workers and travel enthusiasts who are looking to gain real-world experience in different working conditions, while connecting with professionals who are masters in their fields, LiliWork is leading groups of program participants to all corners of the world.

LiliWork sponsors a number of work-travel programs. These include its Europe Tour Program, which takes program participants across the length and breadth of Europe through Lisbon (Portugal), Valencia (Spain), Palermo (Italy) and Split (Croatia), and its World Tour Program, which takes participants to twelve countries over twelve months, including some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, such as Buenos Aires (Argentina), Lima (Peru), Split (Croatia), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Sydney (Australia), and Manila (Philippines). Individual rates and program details are available on each program page online.

LiliWork takes care of everything for program participants, including (1) transportation, door to door, between the destinations of the program; (2) accommodations, in a private, furnished room in each city; (3) English-speaking program facilitators; (4) access to a coworking area within walking distance of participants’’ accommodations; and (5) local experiences that engage participants in the social, cultural, and educational perspectives of the countries they visit.

Additionally, LiliWork sponsors a Company Solutions program. This innovative, next-generation program works with employers to improve employee retention, increase solution-driven working environments, build better team relationships, and double productivity in the workplace by making remote work a viable and efficient alternative to the traditional workplace.

When participants get selected for a program, a LiliWork consultant is attached to brief them on everything they need to know about the travel and work experience. From that point, participants simply make the down payment for the program and package of their choice, pack their suitcase and laptop, and benefit from a unique planning environment while traveling the world.

Change your perspective and understanding of the world around you, meet characters like you and learn a thing or two about working while traveling, and enjoy integrating as a local in every new city you stay in, all with LiliWork. A life-changing experience that revolutionizes the modern work experience, LiliWork’s programs are becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

To learn more, or to register for a LiliWork program, please visit LiliWork.com/GetStarted. Complete the online form, schedule a brief 15-minute phone call and initial consultation, and get started on your journey.

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