In April 12th 2017, US China Strong and WeChat held a strategic cooperation conference in Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, announced the strategic partnership between the two sides. A WeChat influence conference themed “Bridging the Cultural Gap” was held to promote cultural education and commercial communication between China and the United States. As a overseas Chinese video operator, Lingcod TV was invited to attend the conference, COO Mr. Li Zhenning delivered a speech entitled “Offer You an Accessible China”. He said that Lingcod TV will continue to connect global overseas users and spread Chinese culture.

The US-China Strong Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 that seeks to strengthen US-China relations by investing in a new generation of leaders who have the knowledge and skills to engage with China. It has helped more than 10 thousand American study in China. By the end of 2016, WeChat has more than 889 million monthly active users, more than 50% WeChat users use WeChat everyday. The win-win cooperation will make more American learn Chinese and understand China.

The COO of Lingcod TV Mr.Li Zhenning said in his speech that the communication between China and US is getting closer and closer, the language has become the basis of cultural fusion. According to some statistics of study abroad and language learning. It can be see that China's understanding of the United States is far greater than United States to China. In the next twenty years, China and the United States will be the world leaders, promoting the global development and compete with each other. If the United States wants to continue to be the captain, it is necessary to learn more about the enemy and get a good understanding of China.

As the product of Sunway Media, Lingcod TV contains rich Chinese video content. Its powerful functions of live, VOD, catch-up and CDN deployment all over the American ensure the Chinese video can be seen anytime and anywhere. The education module will give people a way to learn Chinese and understand a “real” China.

In the conference, the TV version and mobile version of Lingcod TV were also showed to the guests, and possibility of cooperation with the media, science and education enterprises in the United States was discussed.

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