19, June 2017: There used to be a time when Nickel-Cadmium batteries used to rule the roost when it came to power portable equipment and devices like laptops and mobile phones. For a long time, NiCad battery packs were the only suitable option for operating a range of equipment. However, with the emergence of lithium polymer and lithium ion batteries in the 1990s, the supremacy of the NiCad energy packs was challenged and eventually the latter started to lose its popularity. In the present times, Li-ion batteries in all its variations are the most widely used power packs that drive numerous appliances and gadgets. Lingo Impex is an established manufacturer of a diverse range of lithium ion battery packs, power banks, lithium-ion adapters, protecting printed circuit boards for Li-ion cells, and is also one of the leading KLi ion cell suppliers.

Lingo Impex has been wholeheartedly engaged in conducting R&D on lithium ion, lithium ion ferrous phosphate energy cells, fabricating these batteries, and selling the same nationally and internationally. As one of the forefront li-ion battery pack manufacturers in India, Lingo Impex is committed to manufacturing high quality, sophisticated and safe power backup devices. The company subjects each and every product coming out of the assembly lines to rigorous quality control checks so that its clients feel fully satisfied using highly versatile and performance oriented batteries. The manufacturing and retailing company not only produces standardized lithium ion battery packs and power banks but also makes products as per customers’ specifications.

The company has acquired a high degree of specialization in coming up with a comprehensive range of lithium-ion cylindrical cells, battery packs, power banks, and Li-ion power adapters. Not only does Lingo Impex offer variety but also guarantees quality, and at the same time makes sure that the customers are provided the wares at rates that are competitive and moderate. The Li-ion battery packs and power cells of one of the most noted lithium ion battery manufacturers India, find applications in communication equipment, consumer electronics, medical instruments, detection equipment, security devices, power tools, and so on.

As a prominent Lithium-ion cell supplier, Lingo Impex produces and markets all its wares under the brand name, ‘Mora’. Talking about the different products of the concern, one can browse through lithium-ion and lithium ferrous phosphate power adapters, 3 series, 4 series, 1 series, 10 series, and 2 series battery packs, laptop batteries, lithium-ion 18650 cells/lithium-ion ferrous phosphate cells, and power banks. To give a fair idea about the resourcefulness of any product of the enterprise, let’s consider the ‘Mora Laptop battery for DELL D620’. This product which has been exclusively designed for DELL Latitude D620, D630, D631, D640, and Precision Workstation M2300, has the BIS’s stamp of approval and also compatible with the global safety standards.

About Us:

Lingo Impex was founded in 1998 to manufacture, promote, and carry out R&D work on lithium-ion cylindrical cells and battery packs. The company has offices in India, Taiwan, and China.

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Company: Lingo Impex
Email: info at mora.net.in
Website: www.mora.net.in

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