seolabservicex1767 or Large Power, a China based manufacturing firm which specializes in manufacturing li ion battery products, recently received fifteen national invention products, as well as seventy five National Utility Model patents and three Guangdong province high-tech product patents. The owners of said that they have been able to get their high-tech li ion battery products from respective authorities as they have always strictly complied with the national and international product standard and specification guidelines.

Large Power now has its own test center in Guangdong and the owners said that the test center religiously follows the IEEE-1725, IEC61960, UL2054, and UL1642 standards maintains deep cooperation with other test centers in China and abroad. The li ion battery products are made to fit the specifications set by EU and NA and the test center which Large Power has set up for quality control provides test and certification for all types of li ion batteries.

The test center of Large Power consists of a safety laboratory, an environment laboratory and a separate environmental protection laboratory, adjoined by a photovoltaic storage laboratory too. The test center also has all sorts of testing equipment and instruments. The company has now built its capability to conduct all sorts of tests for raw materials, accessories, spare products, battery modules and finished products. The owners claimed that their religious adherence to international guidelines have helped them remain a trusted supplier of industry-grade li ion battery products both in and outside China.

They also said that the test center is strategically located adjacent to the manufacturing center to increase and speed up production. The manufacturing center of Large Power, according to the owners, has a power bank battery production line, high-power battery pack production line, industrial battery pack production line and also claimed that they now have the capability to manufacture battery products in alignment with the customer requirements and expectations.

“We aim to become the global leader in industry-grade li ion battery production market and maintaining the quality consistently is a part of the challenge”, said the CEO and managing director of

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