seolabservicex1839, a top directory which provides up-to-date information and impartial reviews on money lending agencies in Singapore, recently introduced an online forum to make it easier for their users to find certified moneylenders. The owners of the directory maintained that the forum would serve as a bridge between the money lenders and borrowers in Singapore as the latter can easily find an extensive list of certified moneylenders during an emergency.

The financial directory which was set up for providing updated information on money lending and other types of financial services brings up-to-date information on numerous economic sectors such as insurance, banks, payday loans, business financers and the likes. makes it now easier for their users to apply for instant loans in a hassle-free way. The owners of the directory said that they have listed reputed and licensed lenders who can offer various packages for the mortgage loan, credit loan or payday loan applicants.

“Our objective is to make sure that people who are in need of urgent loans in Singapore can find the right lenders and seek instant financial remedies from certified moneylenders only”, said Ryan Tan, the owner of the directory. “Since a person with an urgent need can see multiple options on our directory and we list only trusted and licensed financial institutions, it becomes easy for an applicant to steer clear of illegal and untrustworthy money lending agencies in Singapore. Also, the applicants can easily compare the interest rates and other features of the financial packages directly from our web directory”, added Ryan Tan during a recent press conference held in Singapore.

Ryan Tan also said that the online forum which they have created helps loan applicants to connect with their lenders faster. He said that calculating monthly installments can also become a cakewalk if the available resources on their community. He said that interested loan applicants can also get financial management tips and advices. now also offers premium listing facility for the moneylenders so they can get better visibility.

About the Company is a top directory that facilitates people to connect with certified moneylenders in Singapore.

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