Quincy, MA — Quincy Hearing is asking the community to honor National Couple Appreciation Month, celebrated during the month of April, in an unconventional way — with hearing aids.

“Instead of a vacation or jewelry, why not treat one another to the gift of better hearing? We have seen an improvement in our patients’ happiness and relationships when they’ve done this. One couple in particular stands out: It was a long time before they could admit they were having a hard time, or that their hearing impairments were having negative effects on their relationship,” says Dr. Janice Powis, a provider at Quincy Hearing in Quincy, MA. “They didn’t necessarily realize that getting help from a hearing care professional would be so important not only for better hearing but for a better quality of life.”

Of the American population affected by some type of hearing loss, more than 19 million are ages 45 and up — but three out of five older Americans (65+) and six out of seven middle-age Americans with hearing loss do not use hearing aids, creating a gap in communication and social activities that affects many individuals at a deeper level than their loved ones may understand.

“Untreated hearing loss can also drag down earning power, potentially reducing household income by as much as $30,000,” says Dr. Powis. “This kind of financial burden can create problems for even the strongest of couples. Luckily, most hearing loss can be treated with properly fit hearing aids.”

Today’s technology offers a variety of analog, digital, and wireless options with diverse capabilities and even smartphone and Bluetooth® compatibility. New technology from Resound, for example, can highlight the dominant voice in a conversation, making listening easier with less effort.

Adults who seek treatment report a better quality of life, including improved physical and mental health, greater social engagement, and other benefits, according to the National Council on Aging. Their family members also report improvements in relationships and more.

“Every day we see how solutions tailored to our patients’ individual listening needs help them feel more empowered and more like themselves again,” says Dr. Powis “It all starts with a hearing evaluation, and what better time than right now?”

About Quincy Hearing

Quincy Hearing is a full-service audiology practice proud to be bringing better hearing to the people of Boston’s South Shore. Our hearing care practice has helped thousands of patients with their hearing loss treatment — and offers state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and expert fitting of hearing technology.

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