12, April 2017: The Killeen based locksmith company Killeen Locksmith Pro’s has recently announced adding transponder key programming to its roster of services.

Killeen Locksmith Pro’s, a fast growing Texas locksmith company has recently announced the launch of a new transponder key programming as part of their automotive locksmith services. There is a huge demand for this service from car owners in the Killeen community.

It is easy to see why. Most people are familiar with transponder keys as they come with almost all new cars made by major automakers such as Ford, Toyota, Fiat and General Motors. These keys are intended to be an effective anti-theft mechanism. They ensure that only the car owner can operate or start the car.

Transponder keys consist of an embedded chip inside the key fob that communicates with a device in the car. The car starts on only if it detects the right signal when the transponder key is placed in the ignition. These keys cannot be duplicated easily and are the best protection against car theft that a car owner can get.

However, as Justin Cox, a representative from Killeen Locksmith Pro’s explains, there is a serious problem with transponder keys. He says, “There is no doubt that transponder keys are a terrific new technology, but they get damaged very easily. We get calls from car owners all the time asking us to replace or reprogram the key. That’s why we have extended our services to include transponder key programming.”

Mr. Cox explained that it made better sense for car owners to get the programming of the transponder key done by them rather than by the local dealership. He said, “Yes, car owners are advised to get their keys programmed by us as we do it for a fraction of the cost charged by the local car dealer.”

“Car owners also need to arrange for the car to be towed to the dealership — this is not an issue they face with us; our locksmiths arrive at the location of the car within 30 to 45 minutes and do what is needed to be done. Also, the dealership would normally take a couple of weeks to reprogram the key as they first need to get permission from the manufacturer. Normally we can program the transponder key in just a few hours,” Mr. Cox added.

About Killeen Locksmith Pro’s:

Killeen Locksmith Pro’s has been operating out of the Killeen community for nearly 6 years. Within this time the company has expanded their locksmith services to include automotive, commercial and residential locksmith services. Want to learn more? Residents are encouraged to visit their website. www.killeentxlocksmith.com

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