Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Syd Nejad, founder, and CEO of Calgary digital marketing agency, StartiT ( ) announced that the firm has launched a new platform under brand name LocoBiz ( ). The digital agency is offering a reduced rate for web marketing consultations to its customers in the Western Canadian provinces. The new platform, LocoBiz is an initiation to bring the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to the micro-level users. “Our market positioning at StartiT is small to the mid-size sector, however, we noticed that the micro-size businesses are left in the dark when it comes to search engine and customer to service provider connectivity”, Syd said. “Home-based and family-based businesses, part-time freelancers, and students who do small part-time works use yard signs, coffee shop boards, and Kijiji or Craig List to reach out to their customers. LocoBiz is to serve these groups who are not at the size that Google Small Business or even Yelp could accept them.”, Syd continued.

Through its LocoBiz platform, the digital marketing agency offers a professional profile to the individuals and freelancers. The platform allows professionals to create 3 independent Ads (called LocoBiz Ads) all linked to the profile. Created Ads are searchable based on keyword, location and Ad category and more importantly pinned on a geo-location map. “Such platform is indeed a local SEO engine hence improves the ranking of the individual in Google and other search engines. LocoBiz improves the visibility and connectivity of the individual to his or her potential customers and helps the economy of our communities”, Syd continued, “our slogan is: Local Skills Everywhere!”

The realm of SEO is constantly changing and evolving. The launch of LocoBiz provides professionals, freelancers and small-business owners in Calgary and all around Canada with the opportunity to take the advantage of SEO and compete with bigger players in their domain of work. For those users interested in more sophisticated SEO services, LocoBiz provides options to receive expertise, information, and tools they need to build brands, improve visibility, and generate leads for new client acquisition through the parent company Startit. The agency offers services that provides one of the best returns on investment and reaches targeted customers across multiple channels.

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SOURCE: StartiT Media and Marketing Technologies Inc.

Syd Nejad
Company: LocoBiz
Phone: +1 (800) 318-9711
Email: [email protected]

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