San Antonio, TX - Lone Star Locks and Keys, a much sought-after 24-hour locksmith service provider in San Antonio , recently announced that they now have the adequate resources, both in terms of equipment and human capital, to respond to any lockout emergency within the shortest time possible. Although the owners did not draw comparison with their competitors at a local level, they maintained that they will now strive to offer the fastest lock and key repair services in the San Antonio area only. When asked about their serviceability in the adjacent areas, the owners stated that they cannot guarantee fastest locksmith services in the areas that share a border or an interstate with San Antonio.

However, at a recent press conference, the owners made it clear that they now have the capability to meet the growing demands for emergency locksmith services in the San Antonio area. One of the top executives of Lone Star Locks and Keys said that they now want to offer fast and reliable locksmith services on the outskirts of San Antonio as well. Lone Star Locks and Keys now has a helpline and an online form so that people looking for a San Antonio based locksmith can easily get in touch with them with a simple call or simply by filling out an online form.

“We want to become the one-stop destination for all sorts of locksmith services. Whether someone is looking for automotive locksmith services or residential rekeying solutions, we are ready to respond to any emergency, with our mobile team roaming around the entire San Antonio area all day. Whenever someone calls our emergency helpline number, we take help of GPS to locate the nearest mobile team to that prospective client and send directions to the locksmith on duty. This way, reaching the residents and business in San Antonio becomes easier for us”, said Ortal Barak, the co-founder and present chief operating officer of Lone Star Locks and Keys. He also added that they will soon offer additional services to San Antonio residents.

About the Company

Lone Star Locks and Keys is a top locksmith agency in San Antonio.

Company: Lone Star Locks and Keys
Phone Number: (210) 880-6555

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