Luxman Lighting provides a solar lighting solution for farmers. Now, the farm can incorporate green and renewable energy in its system.

China, March 23, 2020 - LUXMAN LIGHTING, a leader in the renewable energy lighting solution, has added one of the important solutions that all farmers need with its wide array of products. The usage of conventional lighting on a farm gives nothing but problems. It needs too many units, parts, and maintenance, especially the cable, to connect the conventional electric light to the power grid. Luxman is the company that creates a product free from all of those complicated things. The experts see them as one of the important existences for a better lighting system in the future. More importantly, Luxman also helps the customer to save more budget for their lighting needs.

Luxman Lighting provides many solutions, from the Solar street light to the system that can cut down the maintenance cost for lighting. The standalone design of the solar lighting solution allows the customer to attach and install the solar lighting on any pole or building on the farm. This company also promises better performance than the conventional lighting system that many people use for the farm. The light will be brighter. It also doesn’t produce heat that can be harmful to the plantation. And, the system is also more environmentally friendlier, which doesn’t produce pollution. It is suitable for the farm. Therefore, it gives many benefits for the farmers and the production.

Luxman CEO said about this new system, “Our system is not only pollutant-free and money saver for maintenance. We also created this system, so it can be used much easier. For this reason, we incorporate this solar lighting solution for the farm with a mobile application and remote control. This smart control solution will help customers to save more time to adjust the lighting solution we provided. And our company also still works with the consumer in mind. We see the location; create a customized and personalized solution that will work wonders, especially for our customers.”

As one of the top outdoor Solar LED lighting manufacturers in China, Luxman Lighting has proved themselves as an important figure in this green energy movement and industry. Their R&D created many products that can be called innovation in this business. That was what people always see from the company that has been established in 2010. Their experience tells everything and the solid team works well for customers’ satisfaction.

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