Since the time Magento was first introduced in the market, its popularity keeps growing with every passing day. The platform unveils lots of possibilities for users willing to create high quality and functional eCommerce projects that will be the best value for the money of their clients. Realizing that it’s not easy for an ordinary user to track all the Magento updates, the experts working for the service have decided to re-launch the Magento-related platform they’ve initially created several years ago.

Magelancers is a trusted and popular website, which was launched in 2010 by the group of Magento enthusiasts with the only goal in mind - to provide users with reliable, quality and fresh info on the CMS. The website has quickly become in demand with Magento users due to its credibility and adherence to the interests and ned of the company's clients. After the re-launch of the product, its design and concept have notably changed, but the major purpose of the resource remained the same.

As of today, the website offers valuable and informative tips & tricks about Magento platform settings and features each user would like to know in order to get the most out of using the platform. For the browsing convenience of users, the developers of the resource have subdivided the info into several sections based on their content. Thus, one may search the required info on the following pages: News, Tips and Tricks, Reviews etc. Apart from that, Magelancers experts regularly publish up-to-date news about eCommerce and Magento ecosphere. This info is especially in demand with the service users.

The info provided at the website is updated on a regular basis to keep users informed about the changes that take place in the company. One may look through the recent and the most popular articles available at the website. For all those users, who are interested in the informative reviews of Magento extensions and themes, the platform offers such an opportunity any time of the day. This is one of the reasons that make the online services popular these days.

About the Company:

Magelancers is a popular web-based resource, the mission of which is to provide all Magento users and those, who are interested in this content management system, with relevant and valuable information. The website was created by the Magento enthusiasts in 2010. They invest much effort and time into supporting the service. The platform provides useful info about the news, tips and tricks, reviews of Magento extensions, themes and updates.

Contact Info:
Address: 23929 Hastings Way, Land O Lakes, 33602 Florida, USA
Tel.: (813) 985 14 76
E-mail: [email protected]

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