SAN ANTONIO,TEXAS -- Mailgun Technologies, Inc., a developer-focused email delivery platform utilized by the likes of Reddit, Lyft and Shopify, is the newest tenant of San Antonio’s Weston Centre. With their headquarters location in the heart of downtown, Mailgun is embracing San Antonio’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“The interesting thing about San Antonio’s tech scene is that it’s not just SaaS companies that are driving the charge like it was in San Francisco and Austin,” said Mailgun CEO Will Conway. “Biomedical, retail, insurance, banking, and other verticals are contributing in equal measure with what companies like Mailgun and Scaleworks are doing.”

Mailgun is currently renovating Weston Centre’s 11th floor, which was formerly home to other tech-focused companies including Techstars and Geekdom, the coworking space for entrepreneurs, creatives and developers. Mailgun is making the space its own by starting from scratch and building out in a modular fashion to keep up with its high growth rate.

“We’re basically taking the space down to studs,” Conway said. “Mailgun is a very performance-oriented company, and we’re excited about really making that floor into a space that blends convenience and functionality.”

With Scaleworks, a minority investor in Mailgun, just seconds down the street, Mailgun has its sights set on supporting and engaging with the entrepreneurial culture of downtown San Antonio – not just the technological scene.

“We’re looking forward to being closer to a lot of the tech startups we know in the area ,” Conway said. “But we’re equally excited about fostering a relationship with folks in different industries that use tech as a competitive point of leverage to win in their market.”

About Mailgun
Mailgun is a developer-focused email delivery platform that empowers companies to send, receive, and track transactional and marketing emails through an API. Founded in 2010, Mailgun became a Y-Combinator success story later acquired by Rackspace. In February 2017, Mailgun spun back out as a standalone business focused on building best-in-class email deliverability solutions.

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