Top global business consultancy publishes enriched information about its services online

VIENNA — Mainstage Consulting, a top global business consulting firm, today announced that it has launched a new website,, for its business. The new site offers enriched information about the firm’s services. Mainstage Consulting works with entrepreneurs, investors and institutions.

“We are in the business of helping you turn your vision into a financially successful business,” said the CEO Stefano Endrizzi spokesperson for the company. “The new site highlights how we can make this happen for you.”

Mainstage Consulting specializes in vision-to-plan, plan-to-market and market-to-growth planning and implementation projects. “We offer a full spectrum of business consulting services intended to solve all the issues you may face running your business,” the spokesperson added. These include:

- Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
- Strategic Business Management
- Business Operations Management Support
- Business Administration/Management
- Finance and Accounting
- Personnel Development
- Personnel Marketing
- E-Business/Business Development
- Marketing and Distribution
- Business Structures
- Business Mediation
- Project Management
- Investments

This breadth and depth of services are reflective of the firm’s level of expertise across the full business lifecycle. “Wherever you are in the life of a business, we can help you grow and become more valuable,” Stefano Endrizzi added. “If you need capital, we can help with that. If you need the right people, that’s an area where we’ve enabled many companies to grow by attracting talent. If you need operational support, we can work with your people to get things running the way you want them to. When it comes time to cash out, our M&A practice is available to help you navigate this often tricky process.”

In M&A, for example, MainstageConsulting offers advisory services related to management buyouts, cooperation and joint ventures, restructurings, successions, sales of business and so forth. The firm is also able to perform due diligence on potential merger or acquisition candidates.

“Planning is critical to reaching your valuation goals,” Stefano Endrizzi said. “We are there to help you go from where you are now to where you want to be.” To this end, Mainstage provides extensive strategic development consultancy services. Deliverables in this practice may comprise plans for business transformation, communication strategy and corporate identity as well as competitor and industry trend analysis.

After planning comes business execution. “Your plan is worth nothing if you can’t operationalize it,” said the spokesperson. “Few companies have all the skills and knowledge in house to do everything. We can help get a business functioning according to its strategic plan. This may involve hiring new talent or strengthening business management processes. We have the expertise and experience to move you in the right direction.”

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