21, August 2017: A major web development company is keen to announce exciting new developments in the service that they provide. Big Red Rocket, a trusted web design company, will now include both SSL and Page Speed Performance with all the websites they provide for their clients. The company has decided to do this to ensure that clients always receive the highest level of quality from the products that they provide.

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a great way of ensuring that a website is as secure as it possibly can be. It is typically used to protect and secure communications between web browsers and servers. Although, more recently it has been used to protect service communications between web applications as well. Big Red Rocket is providing this feature to ensure that the sites they provide are hosted securely.

Page Speed Performance will allow developers and the website owner to check the speed of the pages on the site that has been designed. If there are any issues with page speed performance, they can then be corrected quickly.

Big Red Rocket understands the importance of performance and efficiency when running a site online. They know that their customers and clients need to make sure that the pages on their sites are running at the fastest speeds possible. Adding Page Speed Performance as a standard for any website they develop will allow them to do this and provide their clients with the best website build.

Big Red Rocket has been on the market as a web development company for many years. They started off as a service purely for professional site owners and limited their number of clients, providing site development to a niche customer base. Now their company has grown exponentially, and they provide their services to everyone from major business owners to smaller eCommerce companies and working private professionals.

The company offers three main services, responsive web design, copywriting and consulting. Through copywriting, Big Red Rocket aims to provide their clients with fresh content that will cause their search ranking to rise through the roof. Their consulting service helps clients reach the maximum potential of their website and take their online performance to the next level.

With responsive web design services, Big Red Rocket aims to ensure that the customers of their clients get the best experience possible when using one of the sites that they provide. The new inclusion of SSL and Page Speed Performance will allow them to continue to do this, ensuring that their sites are secure and respond rapidly.

Big Red Rocket is always eager to improve the services for their clients and make sure they have the websites they need to stand out online. Including SSL and Page Speed Performance as a standard with their service is their way of giving something more to their clients.

Those interested in finding out more about the company and the services they offer can contact them directly with the information provided below. Alternatively, their website provides various information about their services and the type of clients that they cater too.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Richard Hartley
Company: Big Red Rocket
Address: Adelphi Mill, Bollington, Cheshire
Phone: 01625 359010
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.bigredrocket.co.uk

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