Paniyaram is one of the famous south Indian dishes. Every foodie aspires to make this at home. However, without proper utensils, it is hard to make good Paniyaram.

Until today many brands claim to make high quality and authentic Pans for making Paniyaram. But unfortunately, none of them are as good as they claim it to be. They fail to understand the fundamentals of a good Paniyaram pan.

Anto’s Kitchen presents the complete Paniyaram Kit. Anto’s Kitchen is making a bold move from being a food Blog to a Kitchen Utensils manufacturer. The founders truly understand the need for the right utensils for making the right product. They tend to fill the gap between the manufacturer design flaws and the consumer needs by making their own vessels for the recipes they create.

Why this Brand? Because “secret of cooking lies in using the right tools. We understand the secret of making the best tools that can help a cook create amazing food.” says the company spokesman. This specialty product from this company is made of cast iron and a non-stick coating on it. This not only provides excellent durability to the product but also makes cooking easy.

The Paniyaram pan for making Paniyaram has a flat base which is suitable for all types of cooking ranges, such as gas tops, electric and induction cooktops. The lid of the products is made of stainless steel and designed in such a way that it can hold the steam towards the food so that each Paniyaram is properly cooked. Nine pits pan make it easier for the cook to make a lot of Paniyaram at a single time. On both sides of the Paniyaram pan, handles are present to move the pan around while cooking.

The Paniyaram Pan Kit comes with the matching mixing bowl, spatulas and oil container all made with good quality stainless steel.

The company also introduced a new concept of including recipes labels and recipe book to help cook more varieties of food using the same pan.

About Anto’s kitchen:

This is one of the best food blogs on the internet. Now entering the Kitchen tool manufacturing and retailing. With a goal to bring delicious tasting food into every home.

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