LAS VEGAS, NV, April 17, 2017—The basic idea behind Manny Carter’s new bestseller, How to Date Again In Your 50s & 60s: A Male Baby Boomer’s Guide to Love & Sex is to tell divorced, baby boomer men how to attract the right partner and find love again in their 50s and 60s.

This easy-to-read book is geared to male baby boomers who are tired of chasing younger women, getting sexually frustrated and never having anything to show for it, which is that long-term relationship they desire. Carter outlines practical techniques and strategies for men in their 50s and 60s to find love again.

Carter’s methods of teaching the ABB Theory (Always Be Broke), Just Say No Strategy, and Gain Control of your Sexuality will revolutionize dating as men know it. Among the many topics that Manny Carter explores are: What people want from a first date, How to communicate effectively in one’s relationship; How to know when to move on; The kind of men that women crave; and GOLDEN rules on how to get women.

Manny Carter states: “This book is a MUST for divorced and baby boomer men who are interested in attracting their life mate. The book will be of great help to men who have gone through a divorce after a long marriage and plunged into an empty phase of their lives.”

Manny Carter, dating expert and psychic, created over three years ago. In 2013, he ended a long-term relationship and went on to discover the trials and tribulations of dating again as a baby boomer.

He created new theories on love, sex and relationships and has broken ground on helping people reinvent themselves as they age. Manny's controversial methods work. People only want results and that's what they get when they follow his teachings.

Manny Carter is available for interviews.

How to Date Again In Your 50s & 60s: A Male Baby Boomer’s /Guide to Love & Sex is available on Mature content.
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