It is reported that the traditional game company Mammoth Casino found that the various restrictions and limitations encountered by traditional game companies during promotion and operation can be effectively solved by using blockchain technology.

Mammoth Casino, which is a famous mobile game company, keeps a close cooperative relationship with Netflix, Starbucks, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and other famous companies. The company established Blockchain development team last year, and studied the decentralized aspect; also, it planned to set up decentralized operation platform for releasing game.

It is said that the relevant purse and token have already been in the stage of close beta test, and the solution for connection of multiple game platforms has been developed stably. Leaning from the insider, the company actively seeks for update and wants to change the developing direction, which may become the solution for lots of problems in the industry, namely, solve the difficult problems on revenue and supervision to improve corporate profit, which may have a wide prospect.

Mammoth Casino Company has already obtained the investment of three million dollars as early as in 2013. Now, this company is planning to take advantage of blockchain technology to build decentralized entertainment application platform, and cooperate with more games and game developers.

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