DENVER, COLORADO, May 3, 2017 — New romance gothic bestseller, Memoirs of a Providor: The Prisoner continues to follow the life of 36-year old Evan Providor as he finishes school and is awarded his Doctorate in New Thought. This is the second book in the Memoirs of a Providor series.

Evan is taken prisoner by a very sophisticated criminal organization. Evan’s family is threatened and he finds himself locked in isolation. His desire to return to his family begins to open more of his spiritual gifts as he relies on his young children to hear his cry for help and to bring his friend Rich to his rescue.

His special gift is used by the criminal enterprise to impregnate the wives and women they control. Two of his children reach out to Evan and form a mental link that eventually leads to his successful escape.

Evan’s connection to his spiritual gifts leads to an adventure that crosses the country as he and his security team chase down those who would destroy him.

Dana E. Kellogg has been writing most of his life. He has learned to honor the material that flows through him. Dana loves the creative process and the wonderful way his intuition leads him through a story or into the depth of a poem.

Learning to listen to and trust the flow has been a wonderful learning process. Dana is hopeful that his words will reach the hearts and minds of people who are searching for greater human and spiritual connection in their lives.

Dana E. Kellogg is available for interviews.

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