Enhanced visualization of environmental data using maps

ESdat Desktop is a powerful analysis and reporting tool used to validate, import, analyze and report a broad spectrum of environmental data. It can be customized and is suitable for use by a scientific or engineering user base.
The ESdat Server Web Interface extends the most popular functionality available on ESdat Desktop, the reporting of Laboratory Report data, and makes it available through a browser, as well as offering new features suited to a web-based environment.

Both ESdat Desktop and ESdat Server support Map Layouts for Hosted and Onsite installations, significantly enhancing the ability to visualise and interpret your data. Please see http://esdat.net/Info.aspx for more information on ESdat Environmental Data Managment Software.

ESdat uses Bing Maps imagery as the default background for its built-in mapping features. It is also possible to add your Map Layouts utilising WMS (web mapping service) or WFS (web feature service) layers. There are many free WMS layers available on the internet, and your GIS team will typically manage WFS layers.

Map Layouts are managed by admin users and can be accessed by clicking the Layers button on any map screen (Locations Portal, Chemistry Map). As with Table and Chemistry Profiles, Map Layouts can be customised depending on your needs and easily selected from the drop-down menu, so you will always have ready access to the correct Map Layout for your Project.

About us:
EScIS provide environmental and groundwater database software, consultancy, advisory, programming, customization, implementation, and training services.

EScIS also develop and resell the ESdat suite of software. ESdat is used worldwide and is the most widely used environmental and groundwater data management and analysis package in the Asia / Pacific.


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