Mark James Creative initially started with just a single flavour of gourmet sauce. However, the company soon expanded its work and they have recently added a new flavour of beef jerky. This new flavour is called as spicy BBQ beef jerky and it is currently being offered on a kick-starter project.

The company currently offers 6 other flavours of beef jerky along with 13 flavours of beef sticks and even 3 gourmet sauces. This is a lot of variety and gives the customers ample options to pick from. Having so much variety at hand gives users the right options to explore.

Mark Bechard, the owner of the firm was quoted as saying, “We are revolutionizing the beef jerky market and the flavors we are offering will reflect that.” He further added, “Beef Jerky that is properly flavored and packaged is great for all jerky enthusiasts. They can take it literally anywhere they go and enjoy a great tasting protein snack at any time. The unique flavors we offer will give the consumer many great flavor choices."

The company has witnessed massive growth and they are hopeful that they will continue to experience the right set of rewards for a long time to come. There has been a lot of demand for the different kinds of sauces and the kind of reputation which this company has managed to gain is prolific.

Even though Mark James Creative is relatively new, they have managed to make a strong name for themselves. They are proud of their achievements, but are not looking to rest on their own laurels. They are aware of the challenges which they can face as a firm and are prepared to overcome it in an apt manner.

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About Mark James Creative

Mark James Creative was set up back in 2013. The company has managed to witness a huge growth and they have expanded a great deal too. They also have a confectionary line now which offers a lot of different flavours.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Mark Bechard
Contact Number: 715-851-6959
Email-id: [email protected]
Address: 2274 Mystic Meadow Drive, Kronenwetter, WI 54455

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