MCI Medical Alert Wristbands have been launched as a remarkable invention that allows people with unique medical conditions and allergies, to live their lives normally. The wearable waist bands are designed with perfection and are a life-saving blessing for emergency situations. The unique MCI wristband will alert Emergency Medical personnel to the pre-existing medical condition of a patient in case of emergency and it is not only helpful like nothing else, but also looks cool and stylish on the wrist. The creators of this amazing invention have decided to seek public support by crowdfunding this band in order to have it available for everyone. They are seeking this support on Indiegogo and inviting everyone to back them. The goal of this life saving project is to raise $40,000 within two months and everyone is welcome to back this great invention on Indiegogo.

The MCI Medical is a 100% latex-free, silicone wristband with pre-printed medical conditions. The creators are aiming at bringing these waistbands to major drug stores and pharmacies. In order to do that, they need public support as they are not doing as a job, but as a passion to help the ill.

All funds raised through this Indiegogo campaign will go to the production, distribution and promotion of this life-saving solution for medical emergencies. Everyone is now welcome to back this project on Indiegogo using the link below:

About This Project:

MCI Medical Alert Waistbands are a remarkable solution for medical emergency situations. For people who are allergic or have any kind of a medical condition, these bands are a must have solution the company is now seeking public support to back this project for everyone.

Contact Person: Edward Schroeder
Company: Blue Water Trading Company
Address: Ft. Washington, Maryland United States
Phone: 2402701887
Email: [email protected]

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