Medshift X-Change has announced their all new staffing mobile application that will revolutionize medical staffing around the world. The ultimate staffing solution will significantly reduce the lost revenue and patient dissatisfactions that was caused by the canceled medical shifts. The app will benefit the medical professionals as well as patients like never before and will reshape the healthcare industry around the world. The designers of this inspiring application have decided to take it to Kickstarter and seek public support for this inspirational project by raising funds. The goal of this project is to raise $150,000 by Tuesday April 11th, 2017 and generous supporters are welcome to back this project from around the world.

There are several amazing patented features of Medshift X-Change. The app allows for the facilitation of peer to peer staffing in house, in the selected network. Moreover, it fills the role of a staffing agency by reducing cost and allowing rapid experienced staffing to meet short or long time staffing demands.. In addition to the cost, time is another great factor that is reduced and saved due to this amazing solution.

From nurses to respiratory therapists, doctors and other medical practitioners, the app will be of great help. An emergency can happen to anyone and in case of an urgent unexpected leave, the app will fill in automatically and will manage one of the most difficult challenges faced by the medical recruiters, staffing or other entities in need.

All funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will play a major role in finalizing the design, production and practical application of this app in the hospital medical entities and clinics. Everyone is welcome to back this inspiring project and play their contribution in saving lives and helping people get proper treatment on time. Please use the following Kickstarter link to find out more about this project and for making contributions to support this project:

About This Project:

Medshift X-Change is an amazingly inspiring medical staffing app that will save the time and money of many medical recruiters, it is an app that will ultimately play a major role in saving countless lives in the hospitals around the world. Currently seeking public support on Kickstarter, the app is destined to become a significant leader in the healthcare industry.

Contact Person: James Gray
Company: MEDSHIFT X-Change
Address: 811 Garnet st, Redondo Beach, California - United States
Phone: 310-686-3209
Email: [email protected]

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