Memori has been created as an object that actually combines science and emotion of human being and preserves them forever. Designed by Nunzio Fiore, Memori makes possible for people to interact with another person’s thoughts and memories, resulting in fascinating immersive experiences. Moreover, it can recognize an object placed on it and automatically retrieve interactive memories linked to the object itself or to the person linked to it.

“The owners of this device can store their words, secrets, questions and answers, while waiting for future users, to log on and interact with Memori as if they were talking directly to them.” Said Nunzio, an Italian father who has created Memori. Nunzio hopes that Memori will answer the questions of his daughter on his behalf, 30 years from now.

According to Nunzio, Memori can recognize the object placed inside it through a tag system and automatically retrieve the memories linked to the object itself or to the person linked to it. The Italian tech expert is now welcoming everyone to back Memori on Kickstarter in order to make it available for everyone.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and it offers pledges ranging from €5 to €196 and more with rewards from gratitude to Memori itself on 30% discount. Backers can find out more about Memori by visiting its Kickstarter page.

About Memori

Memori is a startup based in Bologna, Italy by Nunzio Fiore. It is literally a ‘digital memory box’ that transforms human thoughts into an interactive experience. Nunzio is now seeking public support on Kickstarter for this project and is welcoming everyone to back him.

Contact Person: Nunzio Fiore
Company: Memori Srl
Address: via gramsci 1, Altedo, BO - Italy
Phone: (039)3488826417
Email: [email protected]

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