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February 22, 2011 – PRESS RELEASE

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Munich, Germany – February 22nd – Mind Media BV (Netherlands) is extremely proud to present our ultimate achievement, called the NeXus-10 Mark II, on February 22, 2011 at the BFE conference in Munich, Germany.

This is a new revolutionary step in the family of NeXus wireless physiological computing, monitoring and feedback systems, which was introduced by Mind Media BV in the year 2004. Besides offering the same excellent 24 bit signal quality as its predecessor, the NeXus-10 Mark II offers improved active noise cancelation technology, higher sample rates, a rechargable Lithium polymer batterypack, a large OLED display, a wired USB 2.link aswell as BlueTooth and SD flash support and a new line of digital sensors, which extend the system with up to 16 extra input channels. The NeXus-10 Mark II is a multi-modal physiological computing and feedback system that supports a wide range of physiological sensors.

Mr. Hartsuiker, CEO of Mind Media BV said the following: “by launching this new product, there can be no doubt that in terms of multi-modal neurofeedback and biofeedback systems, the NeXus line is continuing to lead the way, as simply the best biofeedback technology in the world. We believe that the mark II is the best system ever built for this field, in terms of its quality electronics, precision, reliability and software. The Mark II was built with both the beginning and advanced user in mind. The new features and benefits were created through the feedback of thousands of users world-wide and we are proud to now present the result. The first systems are scheduled to be shipped in April and we will have a special (competitive) upgrade offer for people who want to trade in an older system. People can contact us through our website: www.mindmedia.info.”

About Mind Media BV

Mind Media BV, founded 1992 in the Netherlands, is the largest European developer, manufacturer and distributor of physiological monitoring and Biofeedback/Neurofeedback systems for professional use. Mind Media BV has resellers in over 50 countries world-wide. We specialize in advanced but friendly technology used for clinical therapy, training and research on the interaction between brain, body and behaviour and for the improvement of health and performance.

Contact details:
Mr. Rinse Rooker, [email protected]. www.mindmedia.info, Telephone: +31-475-410123. (from 9h00-17h00 CET)

Website: http://www.mindmedia.info

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