Mary Anne Thomas, the Founder of Mind Reset has announced that she will be seeking public support on Kickstarter for a project that will reshape the way a human body reacts to both feelings of negativity and positivity. She has developed a technique to impact the emotional responses of the human brain utilizing simple technology that can be accessed through a cell phone. Recent developments in neuroscience have enabled scientists to actually see what what happens in the brain and the following conclusion has been reached: thought is anchored in the brain by emotion and not mental discipline. This simply means that people can choose the mindset that works for them.

As a direct application of this research, this new technology will allow people to reset their emotional states. In order to make Mind Reset available to everyone (starting with Junior Golf), Mary Anne is seeking support by crowdfunding for her project. The goal of this project is to raise $55,000 by Friday April 21, 2017. Everyone is welcome to back this initiative on Kickstarter. The founder of this project, Mary Anne Thomas, has worked as counselor in medical practices for years and this project is a result of her rich experience and high-end scientific R&D.

All funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will help develop the app that will not only redefine the lives of parents but also their junior golfers. In return, there are several amazing rewards offered to supporters. Generous contributions can be made for this initiative on Kickstarter using the link below:

About This Project:

Mind Reset is a remarkable project for Junior Golf as well as Junior Golfers. Now seeking public support on Kickstarter, the project will technologically redefine thoughts and will promote positivity as well as success.

Contact Person: Morgan Fletcher
Company: APM Strategic, the Home of Mind Reset
Address: 4004 Norbeck Square Dr, Rockville, MD - US
Phone: 2408108882
Email: [email protected]

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