A minority owned CPA Firm based in Manhattan, New York City is now seeking generous community support on the crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo. The firm was started with a vision to provide quality CPA services as well as accounting to the people who need it but cannot afford it. It is now seeking community support to help those people in need because the CPA services in New York are really overpriced and most people cannot afford them.

“Our goal is to make CPA accessible as it should not break your bank at any time.” said the spokesperson of the firm while talking about the situation of CPA in New York. “As a minority owned business we understand the value of your money, and you will give back for your support.” He added while talking about the crowdfunding campaign launched by the firm on Indiegogo.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-minority-owned-cpa-firm-to-survive-and-serve and all those who support this campaign will get a 40% discount on their CPA services from the company as a reward for their help and support.

About This Project

This inspiring project has been launched by a Manhattan based New York CPA firm that offers the highest quality accounting and CPA services to all those in need. The firm is now seeking community support on Indiegogo and is welcoming everyone to support this project as it will offer a 40% discount to all those who back this project when they avail the CPA and accounting services offered by this amazing firm.

Contact Person: Habib Ferdous
Company: Epsilon Accounting & Tax Services, LLC
Address: New York, NY, USA
Phone: 2126511269
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-minority-owned-cpa-firm-to-survive-and-serve

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