MMO Server was created with the sole objective of popularizing massive online multiplayer games that would bring new players into the good old MMORPGs. There are actually lots of them, beginning with Second Life and ending with the famous World of WarCraft. This type of games has been super popular a decade ago but has since lost a huge chunk of their audience due to the ever shifting game trends on the global arena.

Minecraft pe is one of those new games that have actually managed to stay afloat and even become ever so popular. Since the very first version - this game has floated to the top of the charts. Has since then been purchased by Microsoft for a billion dollars and now is available on all of the console of the modern generation and even on the smartphones. The minecraft online game puts the player in control of their character where he has to build himself his part of the world - or rather shape the world in a way that he considers to be a good idea.

When the smartphones have become viable for advanced 3D games then the idea for the minecraft pocket has come to the minds of the creators of the game. This game isn’t featuring the latest cutting edge graphics and art but is still a 3D game that would require a 3D engine of some kind as to run properly. When the developers were ready to port it then it was a no brainer to create the right controls for the platform. This way the Minecraft players are now enjoying the best game in the world when they are on the go as well.

With such a huge popularity then more and more minecraft servers are appearing here and there. It’s amazing just how quickly a good game can get through the world when it has the right marketing. Microsoft has done it’s best to place Minecraft in any boutique where video games are being sold - this way even the little kids that don’t have much access on the web can browse through the games and find their minecraft pe copy. Parents from all over the globe are encouraged to purchase this game for their kids as to help them understand some principles of the world through a playful scenario in this great game and also have some fun in the process.

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