Monirapps, the Paris-based mobile development studio has launched an innovative memory game app, Swimon. This app uses gameplay to improve memory skill.

Drawing inspiration from the popular 80s electronic game Simon*, in which players had to repeat a series of tones and light in the identical order, the Swimon app uses the same memory skill principle, only with “swipes” instead of buttons. Its similarity to Simon provides a nostalgic feel that users are raving about.

Swimon is difficult to master. Players must watch the movements carefully and repeat them. Each game is designed to challenge the memory of the user. Players progress through levels and grids that become increasingly bigger and more complex. Unlock new grid packs to discover new themes and collect all the images to win. The Swimon app also lets you challenge other players from the leaderboard.

The app works with almost every phone and tablet, including Android and iOS devices and is available for download in the Apple iTunes store and Google Play

*Swimon is not affiliated with the Milton Bradley's (MB) Simon game.

About Monirapps

Monirapps is a Paris-based mobile application developer and design studio that is dedicated to developing apps that are both fun and deliver an unparalleled user experience. Connect with Monirapps socially via Twitter ( or Facebook (, or visit their website:

Media Contact
David Fournier
Company: Swimon
Address: 22 rue Mélingue 75019, Paris, France
Phone: +33770638616
Email: [email protected]

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