August 4, 2020 - Skilled motivational speaker and successful entrepreneur Derrick Kirk recently launched his My Thoughts podcast. Through the podcast, Kirk shares business secrets and eye-opening information on a variety of topics designed to enhance your perception of life.

Kirk describes My Thoughts as “unpredictable.” He states that, “listeners are in for a treat every episode. Not many people have endured a path quite like mine. So, I use my unique perspective to present helpful viewpoints that you may not have considered. My goal is to leave you enlightened and empowered.”

Kirk's experience navigating inner-city Detroit as an orphan and a homeless teen shaped his unique outlook. Most impactful is that he overcame those challenges. Kirk went on to graduate college and become gainfully self-employed. He bought and sold a profitable events company, invests in several fruitful business ventures, and has excelled in the real estate market.

“My journey made me fearless,” says Kirk. “I can give you insider tips that the average businessperson can’t, because they haven’t been where I’ve been or seen what I’ve seen. I had to find every backdoor and teach myself how to make money. Now, I want to share that exclusive knowledge through my podcast.”

The combination of Kirk’s distinctive background and his engaging delivery style catapulted him to a coveted keynote speaker who can connect with diverse audiences. He brings that same unorthodox, engaging approach to My Thoughts. “I just want everyone who listens to feel a little less alone,” Kirk continues. “I’ve been through it all. So, I’ll be right there fighting, learning, and growing with you.”

The My Thoughts with Derrick Kirk podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and all major podcast platforms click here to listen now.

Derrick Kirk is a motivational speaker currently residing in Michigan. He is also the founder of the Derrick Kirk Foundation, serving underprivileged youth and families across the nation. Learn more at

[email protected]

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