My City Garage Door Repair, a garage door repair service provider in La Porte, Texas, recently started offering year-round garage door maintenance services to help the garage door owners in the region get more peace of mind, especially when it comes to repairing or fixing their garage doors. The owners of My City Garage Door Repair told the press that year-round garage door maintenance helps the owners keep the cost of garage door repair in La Porte to a minimum.

The owners said that if a customer opts for year-round maintenance services. Their licensed and insured technicians would pay regular visits to the residence or office or workservice provider of the customer and perform scheduled maintenance jobs. Routine maintenance and inspection jobs include but are not limited to hardware components tightening, garage door balance testing, inspection and replacement of rollers, replacement of weather-stripping, lubrication of the moving components that wear due to friction over time, cables checking and replacement, testing auto-reverse safety features, track clearing and overall grooming and safety checking.

The owners maintained that if a customer goes for year-round maintenance instead of one-time garage door repair in La Porte TX , they can save a whole lot of money over the long term. They added that maintenance at regular intervals keep the garage doors in good health and reduces chances of damaged parts and malfunctioning garage doors. They informed that year-round maintenance may cost a lump sum, but compared to garage door repair jobs in installments, their maintenance services are far less expensive. One of the co-founders recently told during a press conference that the year-round garage door maintenance services can be customized differently for residential and commercial garage door owners.

On speaking at the occasion of the announcement of the new maintenance services, the co-founder said, “We are aware that many people do not want to worry too much about their garage doors, hence we have launched the garage door maintenance services so that the garage owners in the La Porte, Texas area can be rest assured about their garage door health”, said the owner.

About the Company

My City Garage Door Repair is a garage door repair service provider in La Porte, Texas.

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