John Kruisman, a Netherlands based programmer has announced that he will be seeking support on Kickstarter to crowdfund his latest creation, Nero’s Adventure. It is a remarkable mobile game and revolves around the chief character, Nero. It is a run-through game in which Nero runs through colorful new worlds in his quest to collect taken eggs.

In addition to software developing and computer programming, John is also a hoteling and cruise industry expert and most of his time is spend aboard the ship. Therefore, he gets a lot of time to develop as well as to improvise on his scripts and this game is a remarkable creation of his amazing talents.

John has also announced that once his reaches his goals and launches Nero’s Adventure for everyone, he will start working on launching this amazing game on Facebook. With its presence on Facebook, the players will get a chance to play this game with their social circle and will be able to compete with their friends and family for high scores. Furthermore, John has also announced that he will be creating more games like Nero’s Adventure upon its success for the gaming fans.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at: and it offers pledges ranging from of €1 to €5,000 with their rewards ranging from gratitude to special credits including backer’s own personal character in the game.

About Nero’s Adventure

Nero’s Adventure is an amazing run-through game developed at sea by a Dutch programmer and hotel cruising industry expert. The game is seeking community support at present on Kickstarter and the developer has also announced that he will be introducing this game to the platform of Facebook very soon.

Contact Person: John Kruisman
Company: KJC Games
Address: Eikenhage 29, Stadskanaal, Netherlands
Phone: +31 6 83071571
Email: [email protected]

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