Netkiller, the company at the forefront of cloud services including cloud integration, data security, and document management, has recently announced its partnership with RingCentral for customers in the Bay Area. RingCentral, on the other hand, is an award-winning global provider of cloud unified communications and collaboration solutions.

With the two companies’ collaboration, Netkiller will become the largest Bay Area based Google and RingCentral channel partner to serve customers for cloud-based phone systems as well as PBX. With Netkiller’s over ten thousand clients, RingCentral aims to deepen its reach within the Bay Area market, where it was founded and has been headquartered since 1999.

While RingCentral’s channel continues to expand, its clients only get better quality service in return.

For example, G Suite customers can gain many benefits from integrating RingCentral with their business applications; one of the many includes the convenient phone system that RingCentral provides. Now you can integrate your business phone system into the cloud business applications you’re already using every day. RingCentral for Google provides advanced business communications capabilities that operate seamlessly across Google G Suite applications. Because G Suite users heavily rely on core services such as Gmail and Google Drive, RingCentral’s ability to integrate with a user’s Google account provides RingCentral an important edge that differentiates itself from others. Thanks to its high security, reliability, and quality of integrations with the Google Cloud ecosystem, RingCentral for Google is a trusted solution recommended for G Suite by Google Cloud.

Harry Jung, sales director of Netkiller said “Netkiller has been offering G suite from 2009 and is the preferred partner in the bay area. This partnership will synergize as I believe that RingCentral’s rich communication features will further enhance the G Suite user experience.

Due to its ability to integrate with Google, RingCentral enables users to call anyone directly within Gmail and see contacts within Gmail.This dramatically improves one’s work experience as it helps users save time and makes the calling process easier than ever.

Furthermore, not only can users make and receive calls but they can also administrate the entire phone system from anywhere, on any device. . Other benefits that RingCentral provides include how it can manage the users’ SMS conversations, allow users to listen to voicemail directly from Gmail, and view their complete communication history, including calls, texts, faxes, and voicemail. All of these great advantages can increase a G Suite user’s productivity by handling all tasks without leaving Google.

Leveraging Netkiller’s expertise in IT consulting and RingCentral’s market leading communications platform, the partnership between the two will bring value to customers seeking to improve the way they communicate, collaborate, and connect.

About Netkiller:

Netkiller is a Cloud Integration and Aggregator company providing SaaS applications on Cloud Platform and advisory services for world leading businesses. It provides services such as SSO, an easy-to-use cloud security, a business collaboration platform and barcode scanner that greatly increases workflow as well as cloud integrations. Additionally, it is a reseller of Google products such as G Suite, Chromebooks, and Chromebox for Meetings. With Netkiller, businesses are bound to be more accessible and simple, which in turn drives productivity and workflow.

Media contact:
Harry Jung
Company: Netkiller Inc.
Address: San Jose, CA 95129, USA
Phone: (408) 560-0556
Email: [email protected]

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