The average ammo store San Diego has good customer service, but their inventory and cost tend to be a different story. To counteract this, LAX Ammo has expanded their business into San Diego with their premier ammo store San Diego . As a result, residents of San Diego can now buy ammo for less than what they would normally pay from other retailers.

LAX Ammo now has an ammo store San Diego to serve the residents of San Diego County with quality, affordable ammunition. Based on the same standards of excellence and pride set by LAX Ammo in Inglewood, CA, this new ammo store San Diego is giving other competing ammo stores a run for their money, literally.

LAX Ammo is the go-to ammo store San Diego for all of your ammunition needs. Using their own brand of factory new and reloaded ammunition, and going direct with other major ammo manufacturers, they are able to provide a large supply and selection of ammo to the residents of San Diego for much less than other sellers. If you buy your ammo from anywhere other than LAX’s ammo store San Diego, you’ll be hard pressed to find as good of a selection and end up overpaying.

About LAX Ammo San Diego

LAX Ammo San Diego is a new, distinctive model of what a good ammo store San Diego should exemplify. Any ammo store can have a modest selection of products and good facilities, but what separates the best from the rest is a well-trained staff with a steadfast focus on providing excellent customer service. LAX’s new ammo store San Diego stands out from the crowd of other stores by being the best at what they can do, and taking a great deal of pride in their line of work. To find out more about LAX Ammo San Diego, visit their website at , or drop in to talk to their friendly store owner at 4411 Mercury St Ste.103, San Diego CA, 92111.

Media Contact:
Dave Sanders
Company Name: LAX Ammo San Diego
Phone Number: (858) 987-0509
Address: San Diego, CA
Email: [email protected]

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