October 31, 2017 - An emerging leader in creating top-notch parental accessories, MalenCutie is pleased to announce that its new product, the backpack diaper bags have been well received by Amazon customers owing to its extremely refined quality and consumer satisfaction. The company has received positive reviews from many customers about the quality and practicality of its new backpacks.

One of the most appealing features of the MalenCutie backpacks is its stunning design. With a background in fashion, the owner of MalenCutie was able to create a stylish backpack that could contain all the essential baby supplies. With a ton of room and lots of inner pockets to put things in, the backpack is sure to excite any loving mother. Compared to most of the backpacks in the market, the MalenCutie backpacks are easier to organize and have a whole bunch of different zip-up pockets to keep everything separated. The product has received a lot of appreciation right since its launch and the customer interest and feedback has been overwhelming.

Owner of MalenCutie had the following to say: "It is always tricky knowing how a new product will be received into the market, though we noticed a need in the market for stylish and practical diaper bags, we did not expect that we will get the amount of interest our bags have generated. We are certainly pleased by this."

The backpacks are also very durable and are a good fit for dads too. The unique gray color and simple styling of the backpack diaper bag provides a stylish appeal to cool dads who like to be part of their kid's life.

The MalenCutie backpack diaper bags currently sells at a discounted price of $20. But this will be only for the launch period and will revert back to the original price of $55 as soon as the launch is over. The backpacks have a lot of defining features that make it a favorite among Amazon buyers.

To learn more about MalenCutie products, please visit their website at http://malencutie.com or order for your MalenCutie backpacks at Amazon.com

About MalenCutie:
MalenCutie is a family-owned and operated business based in the United States. Started by a loving couple blessed with a beautiful daughter, the name MalenCutie was coined from the Russian word "malenkij" which means "little one". The company specializes in high-quality, innovative and functional parenting and baby accessories designed to make parenting more fun and easy. With a strong passion for babies and children, the MalenCutie brand seeks to provide products with a perfect balance of safety, comfort, and style.

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