Dallas, Texas, June 26, 2017 — Management of unwanted, regrettable habits is central to self-management, to emotional intelligence, to strong personal and professional relationships and even to self-esteem. In Robert Goldmann’s new book, Act from Choice: Simple Tools for Managing Your Habits, Your Emotions and Yourself. to Be How You Mean to Be, he shares his first-hand view on how habitual patterns can stand in the way of achieving happiness, effectiveness and fulfillment.

Act from Choice is the result of Goldmann’s research and experience helping people see themselves and their situations more clearly in order to manage themselves more effectively. Seeing more clearly means seeing with a clarity that cuts through the biases and filters everyone is subject to.

With research involving over 450 scientific articles and books on habitual behavior, Goldmann describes: What people do; Why people do it; gives proof with examples; and describes how to manage unwanted habits.

With the use of case histories along with novel, simple tools — many not previously available, Goldmann shows how the subconscious can be trained to wake a person up and bring them to attention when unwanted urges are just beginning to form, give them that early warning and the mind-space and perspective to choose what to do rather than allow habits to engage.

Robert Goldmann coaches and mentors executives, business owners, professionals and others seeking to choose and reach fulfilling business and personal goals.  He is a meditation instructor, and former CEO of manufacturing and financial service companies and facilitator of groups dealing with life threatening illness and bereavement. He speaks on these and other topics.

Robert Goldmann is available for interviews.

Act from Choice: Simple Tools for Managing Your Habits, Your Emotions and Yourself. To Be How You Mean To Be is available on Amazon.com
Book preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071X9Z54G

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